I am back again in the lands of internet.


I extended my stay in heavenly Batanes as I got stranded at Itbayat because of the weather and wanted some more time to spend on Batan island. It turned out more rainy than I expected, so quite a few days were ‘lost’. I arrived back in Manila yesterday and will be posting my Batanes update within the next couple of days, so stay tuned. Meanwhile here’s some shots I took with my phone:


Batanes: Batan island

Philippines-Batan-iphone-01 Philippines-Batan-iphone-07 Philippines-Batan-iphone-06 Philippines-Batan-iphone-05 Philippines-Batan-iphone-04 Philippines-Batan-iphone-03 Philippines-Batan-iphone-02


Batanes: Itbayat island

Philippines-Itbayat-iphone-03 Philippines-Itbayat-iphone-02 Philippines-Itbayat-iphone-06 Philippines-Itbayat-iphone-05 Philippines-Itbayat-iphone-04 Philippines-Itbayat-iphone-01


Batanes: Sabtang island

Philippines-Sabtang-iphone-01 Philippines-Sabtang-iphone-07 Philippines-Sabtang-iphone-06 Philippines-Sabtang-iphone-05 Philippines-Sabtang-iphone-04 Philippines-Sabtang-iphone-03 Philippines-Sabtang-iphone-02


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