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FREE Indonesia e-book

I’ve visited Indonesia several times now and there’s still much I haven’t seen. But what I’ve seen is spectacular. This e-book is of my travels from Bali all the way to Flores and Maluku. Please note Mt Bromo has its own e-boo.


Bali by Drone

My most epically failing project ever, but managed to puzzle something still pretty good together. What do you think?

Check out my Travel Guide and find all my Bali photos here.

Bali ‘Island of Gods’ timelapse

Cliche perhaps, as a destination, but nevertheless one of my favorite places.

Check out my Travel Guide and find all my Bali photos here.

FREE Mt Bromo e-book

-M Bromo had been my nr1 bucket list destination for years. I visited it twice, for 35 days in total. Which is pretty crazy actually. But for me it was the perfect location to work on several projects. My Mt Bromo e-book is largely about my projects and has helpful info if you’re planning to visit!


Mt Bromo timelapse

I timed my visits during the Milky Way season and my main plan was capture this incredible location with timelapse and make a movie of it. Things didn’t come easy, but they never do. 

I shared all my tips in my Travel Guide and Photography Guide. View Mt Bromo photos.


In short TimeScapes is about capturing the element of time by blending imges from my timelapse. I created a movie as well as various photo series using different techniques.

TimeScape postTimeScape project 


My favourite beach

In 2004 I spend a month at Than Sadet beach at Ko Phangan. It was one of the best months ever. In 2018 I returned, expecting the place to have changed a lot, as happens with any other great place. To my surprise almost nothing had changed! As if time stood still, unbelievable.

Later that year I went back and stayed another month to work on a movie project of this beach.

Movie postMai Pen Rai blogpostThailand photos


FREE Philippines e-book

My Philippines e-book is where my whole trip comes together in 1 document. Each location starts with an introduction and personal experience, has links to my blogposts and includes some of my favourite photos and videos.

Please check it out, it’s a pretty cool e-book that I spend quite some time on, giving it away for free!


Final PH movies of my 4 favourite ‘Gems of the Philippines’  

I honestly think Philippines is one of the most incredible backpacker countries out there and yet it’s one of the most underrated travel destinations. I knew it a lot of good things to offer, but I was still blown away by it. My final Philippines movie is about the 4 places I liked best and spend most time at: Palawan, Batanes, Siargao & Batad. 

Travel guides: PalawanBatanesSiargaoBatad

10 months storm chasing at Siargao Island  

I love storms, nothing gets my adrenaline pumping as a good lightning storm. Trying to capture one as a timelapse is a challenge like no other. Back home in The Netherlands I never had much succes, but the first few months at Siargao gave me some terrific storms. So, I decided to stick around for the storm season.

Siargao trilogy postLightning photos

Capturing the Perfect Storm at Dedon Island  

I was fortunate to create a timelapse movie at this incredible resort. The goal was to capture it from sunset to sunrise with the Milky Way at night in the background. I had 3 nights. Each night had lightning storms with lots of rain. It ruined almost everything, but one night a storm stayed far away and lasted 5 hours, giving me the chance to capture both a lightning storm and the Milky Way as a long timelapse. A worlds’ first! Not just that, I had 4 cameras shooting the same storm from different angles. As if that’s not enough, I even captured a couple of red sprites!!

Dedon postDedon project Dedon website (now Nay Palad)

Playing with fire & lights on a deserted island

One of my favourite places ever is Guyam island near Siargao, Philippines. For a small fee you’re allowed to stay overnight. With a 360 degree view, this place was incredible to capture the Milky Way and lightning storms. A few nights we played around with fire and lights to create some cool shots here. 

Firedancer projectFiredancer postLightpainting project Lightpainting post