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What travel apps & websites do I use?

Living in this digital age we have endless travel apps & services available to us via our smartphone to improve our travels. Travel is so different from 15 years ago during my first trip when people didn’t even use Facebook. The greatest thing is you don’t need to worry about (almost) anything anymore. You have the answer to any question you might have in the palm of your hand. I use a number of apps/websites to help me travel most comfortably and cheap. Know anything better? Let me know!


Travel apps & websites: PLANNING

  • The internet itself of course is the best place to search whatever specific thing you’re after. I usually use google to search for location-related pages/blogs and read a handful to find out all I need. 
  • Tripadvisor is one of the best platforms around to check whatever a place has to offer. The reviews give a good idea of whether a place is good to visit or not. Also you’ll often find recent information, such as locations being closed, renovated or whatever inconvenience.
  • Facebook is great to look for travel related things and to get feedback to your questions. Look for the right groups.
  • Instagram obviously is one of the biggest influences for travel. Plenty of accounts of the world’s most majestical spots.
  • Pinterest is another great place to find travel inspiration, look for boards that suit your genre.
  • Youtube has plentiful travel related videos and channels, heaps by bloggers who will show you any imaginable place.
  • Google Earth is great to look up images of locations that you’re planning on visiting and checking out areas. 

Mt Bromo at Java, Indonesia


Travel apps & websites: MAPS

Nothing drains my phone more than my map apps. My perfect day is spent on motorbike finding the best spots to shoot timelapses, photos, videos and fly my drone. For this I need some navigation to get to wherever I’m heading. I much prefer just getting lost though and try to find my way back.

  • is the offline map I use most for looking up things and navigating. The great thing about it, is it is free and works offline. You can download maps for the areas you’re planning on visiting. What I like as well is that it lets you save flags in different colours, so you can use them to point out places you have visited and still need to visit, for example. The app is far from great though and I’m often very frustrated by it. It just acts up sometimes and some of the attractions on the map are wrongly named. Also it can be hard to look up certain locations, the spelling probably is slightly different, so it gives no results. 
  • Google Maps is a better maps app than, the only downside is it uses a lot of data. So if you want to save on that, an offline map like is the alternative. 


Travel apps & websites: WEATHER

It helps to know what the weather is going to do, for that I always use my standard app and the next two. I often get different results, so it’s always a surprise how it’s going to turn out.

  • Weather Pro is said to be one of the best apps. I find it works decent in Europe, but not so much in Asia. 
  • Accu Weather is a well built app with heaps of info. In Asia I find this app better than Weather Pro. 
  • NOAA Radar This lets me check the radar in case of any storms. Hasn’t been very useful yet. 

Batad rice terraces


Travel apps & websites: FLIGHTS

When it comes to flights, it pays off to shop around and experiment with dates. I always end up buying from different websites and companies, there is no one-stop-shop. The next apps/websites I always check, but I also do some google searches and give Google Flights a try, although prices often turn out different.


Travel apps & websites: ACCOMMODATION

I usually travel on a fairly tight budget, so I often shop around to find a cheap-but-decent place. It sometimes pays off to book from the website of the accommodation, instead of the booking agent. Just look it up on google. I don’t always do my research ahead, sometimes I just show up and find something. There’s always something to find and I look that I can inspect a place before paying for it. 

  • Airbnb is a great way to travel at people’s houses and have a more local experience. The hosts are usually friendly people and it can work out cheap as well. 
  • Agoda often comes up with good prices
  • Booking is quick, easy and cheap with their prices
  • Hostelworld is one of the most popular sites to book a dorm
  • Couchsurfing could be an option if you’re into free travel, I’ve never tried it though

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


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