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I’m proud to present my first ebook of the Philippines and more free ebooks will be coming in the next few months of Indonesia and Myanmar.

Philippines ebook


free e-book Philippines

This isn’t just another pdf file with a bunch of images, it’s a source of information with links to my travel guides and other posts about all the locations I’ve visited. It includes links to my time-lapse and drone movies on Youtube and shows you close to 200 photos in a 97 page format.

I’ve seen plenty of ebooks before, but I dare to say there’s nothing like this out there. I’lll show you Philippines and the diversity it has to offer like no one else, with close to 200 photos and my gorgeous (if I may say so( time-lapse and drone movies. I spent 14 months in this crazy beautiful country that’s one of the best budget travel destinations out there. Don’t be put off by the negative media it receives due to some of the problems it faces. I’ve experienced it as a wonderful, kind and safe place to visit.

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Please share with your travel friends that I have this ebook available, I’m sure you know someone who’s interested!

Other free ebooks:

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Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below. I’d appreciate the feedback!

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