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I’m proud to present you my free e-books of the Philippines, Mt Bromo, Indonesia and Myanmar. These travel/photo/video e-books are where all the work I’ve done of these countries comes together. They include travel related information and links to my blogposts and travel guides. There’s a ton of photos in there and my best timelapse and drone movies, which I spend most of time on creating.

You’ll find them useful if you’re interested in these places and would like to know more about them. Even if you’re not interested, I’m sure there’s enough eye-candy in there to please you! So please, click to have a look online and download them to wherever you want.

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Travel-Photo-Video free e-books!

The Philippines


Philippines Free Ebooks

First 25 pages of the e-book:

Philippines Free Ebooks

This e-book will show you Philippines and the great diversity it has to offer, with close to 200 photos and my time-lapse and drone movies. I spent 14 months in this crazy beautiful country that’s one of the best budget travel destinations out there. Don’t be put off by the negative media it receives due to some of the problems it faces. I’ve experienced it as a wonderful, kind and safe place to visit.

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Mt Bromo, Indonesia


Mt Bromo Free Ebooks

First 25 pages of the e-book:

Mt Bromo Free Ebooks

Mt Bromo in Indonesia was my number one bucket list destination, so went I went, I wanted to work on some cool projects. I visited it twice and stayed 35 days, resulting in a timelapse movies, drone movie, series of photos and birth of my TimeScapes project. The book gives you travel information about Bromo and tips for your photography. Visiting Mt Bromo is a unique experience, check out this crazy location!



Indonesia FREE EBook

First 25 pages of the e-book:

Indonesia is one of my favourite travel destinations. This huge country is incredible, it’s massive and has so many things to do and places to visit, you’ll never get to do them all. I’ve visited the country several times and my Bali to Flores trip is one of my favourite trips ever. Join me on my trips as I show you this country through me eyes.


Myanmar Free Ebook

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