Where it all began: timelapsing Dutch clouds. 

‘Dutch Clouds’, a timelapse movie of clouds rolling over the flat Dutch landscapes. I started shooting my very first timelapses for this movie. This movie wasn’t yet about creating a story line, in a way it’s collection of clips that I shot throughout the first years of me shooting timelapses, mainly of clouds. To see them move and transform in such speed is mesmerizing to me.

The locations I shot are mostly at and around the area where I used to live, in the middle of the Netherlands. It includes a couple of shots taken at Kinderdijk, the little town famous for their many windmills. Some of the scenes that show hills are taken in the south, the only area of the country that has any.


‘Without a Trace’ by Simon Wilkinson, www.thebluemask.com


Shot with Nikon D700 & D800, Emotimo TB3 and DP Slider. Edited with Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse & After Effects.

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