Renting a motorbike in Chiang Mai? Look no further, CatMotors is the place. 

I love riding! Exploring new places on a motorbike is about the best thing I can think of. I’ve rented a motorbike countless times during my travels, so I have dealt with many rental companies. But CatMotors (visit their website)) in Chiang Mai is hands down the best rental company I’ve ever dealt with. I would not be writing this article if wouldn’t personally have experienced their service and would not be supporting them for 100%. There’s a lot of things they just do right, but what it all comes down to, is this: they value customer experience above pulling money out of your pocket. And that’s a rare thing these days.

CatMotors, Chiang Mai, Thailand


How I found them

I’ll be honest, usually I get a bike at one the nearest rentals and don’t spend much time researching. But being in Chiang Mai, far away from any rental shops, I tried the internet and read some great reviews about Catmotors. Their website is just great, read through it and you already know you’re dealing with a professional company, who actually great prices as well. Total win-win!


Getting a motorbike

It was Sunday morning when I searching for a bike, I send a Facebook message to them at 07.58, asking when they could drop off a Mio model. Yes, they even offer to deliver the bike at no extra cost. As soon as they opened at 8am I received a message, within the hour a friendly young guy came buy to deliver the bike, a brand new looking motorbike in perfect condition. He took a photo of my passport, returned it, and I paid 1400 baht for 10 days. That’s only $5 a day. It came with a full tank, proper good 3/4 helmet, included a lock and even a repair set, just in case. I was blown away. Sounds so simple, but I’ve never had a motorbike that came so well delivered.


What’s so good about CatMotors? 

To sum it up:

  • they only take a copy of your passport, not your passport itself, which actually is illegal! You should really never hand out your passport. 
  • they deliver the bike to your place and pick it up when you’re done. First time I’ve had of that offered.
  • you receive the bike with a full tank, you have return it full as well of course. 9 out of 10 times it’s as empty as can be, deliberately
  • bikes are in excellent condition, everything works at it should. I can’t even remember the last time that was the case.
  • comes with a quality 3/4 helmet and even includes lock and repair set. Helmets are usually crappy, once had a lock, never had a repair kit
  • they explicitly warn you of the dangers of driving and simply don’t rent to unexperienced drivers. Too many accidents happen and it’s good thing they do this.
  • they also rent bicycles if you want
  • they even sell and buy back motorbikes and helmets
  • if you run into trouble, just contact them for help
  • all of it comes at one of the best prices you’ll find anywhere in the world


Travel bloggers deal

I am not into the promotion business and don’t promote anyone just because of a discount or some money. I was planning on writing an article about this company anyway, since they have offered me the best deal and service. And that is something to be shared with you.

CatMotors does work with travel bloggers, offering a weeks’ free ride for a promotion. It was never about that to me, but gladly accepted their offer of setting me up with a ride. And man, did they deliver. I got the new Yamaha Aerox model, 155c. Best scooter I’ve ever had. 

Yamaha Aerox 155cc



Unless you like collecting fines and have the budget to pay for them, don’t even think of driving around Chiang Mai without a drivers license or helmet. In the first week alone I got checked for my license more than in the 20 years that I have a license, world travels included. There were times that I got checked 3 times in a few hours, just driving to the gym and back. It’s crazy… They are usually near the water around old town, both sides of the water. 



For tips about renting a motorbike while traveling, please read the blogpost ‘Tips for driving and renting a motorbike when traveling’, it might save you some serious trouble.