It’s been a bit too quiet from my side lately, sorry for that, but I’ll give you a quick update from Siargao about what’s been going on. New posts about the locations I’ve visited will be online soon.

So after my last update about Batanes I made my way south to Legazpi, with my main goal to capture some amazing footage of the Mayon volcano. The forecast predicted (& proved) rain once I arrived, so after the second day I made my way to Donsol with a bunch of other backpackers. Donsol is one of the places to go diving with whalesharks, it’s where they don’t feed them, unlike most other locations. All about that in one of the upcoming posts about Donsol. I stayed at the resort for a couple of days with a few other guys, working on my Batanes time lapse (internet was barely working here, so I couldn’t really post anything at all) of Batanes and drinking fantastic cocktails at night, oh yeah life is hard here 😉

Sunset seen from my resort at Donsol, famous for diving with whalesharks.

Sunset seen from my resort at Donsol.


I went back to Legazpi and spent 3 days shooting Mt Mayon, planning and arranging my next destination in the morning. Made my way to Cebu by ferries and minivans (a 21 hour challenging journey) where I spent 2 days chatting with other travellers and working on my time lapse. Cebu isn’t very interesting, so I couldn’t be bothered going around. From Cebu I flew to Siargao, a true little paradise, more about that in the Siargao post.

It is the most active volcano of the country, erupting over 49 times in the past 400 years. Getting some good shots of this volcano was high on my photography 'to do list' and I spend 3 afternoons/evenings here capturing photos and timelapses. I followed the river towards the volcano until I found this green area with a nice stream of water, allowing for some nice long exposure shots. The first shot of this series of 7 was taken at the nearby Cagsawa ruins, an area that was destroyed by the 1814 eruption.

Mayon volcano, also known as Mt Mayon; worlds most perfect cone shaped volcano.


Over the last month I’ve been busy doing work and helping out the resort with their graphic & photography needs for which I receive free accommodation and, among other privileges, like going on the fabulous island trips to help promote their tours with great images. A nice win-win situation for the both of us.

After 10 days or so I caught a bacterial infection, I became really ill and went to the hospital in Surigao to get diagnosed and receive medicine, I was happy enough that it wasn’t dengue, because I had a lot of similar symptoms. Probably a good thing I didn’t wait too long, or I would have found myself being hospitalised, you really don’t want that here.. Since having recovered I’ve been busy doing all kinds of stuff and couldn’t really get myself to going online (it’s actually nice to be offline, people), as internet here is terrible as well and barely functioning after lunchtime, due to limited usage.

I am able to use another wifi network now that will help me get online and upload my photos and videos, so I will surely be posting more from now on! But forgive me when I decide to go underground once (or more) again, trust me, it’s liberating 🙂 No news, no gossip, no bullshit = peace of mind.

So about my stay in Siargao, as I mentioned it is a real little paradise here, with a climate and chilled out vibe that can hardly be rivalled. I’ve made myself a sweet deal here and I can’t leave this place, it’s too good here. So until the end of the year I’ll be sticking around here and continue my travels after that. I was hoping to find a good place like this during my travels where I could stay for a while, just didn’t expect to find to soon. Not that I will sit still, it will give me time to work on some projects I have in mind for my website and photography, that otherwise will be hard to work on while on the road. I will extensively be traveling in and around Siargao and will continue posting about my experiences and views, and lots of white sand paradise beaches that you will probably all start to hate me for 🙂

Surfing paradise Siargao is surrounded by many of these paradise white sand islands with gorgeous beaches and wonderful clear warm water. Boattrips to these islands are easily organised from Siargao and form a wonderful daytrip. Bring sunscreen.

La Janusa island near Siargao, Philippines.


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