Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour.

Everyone that travels to Palawan goes to visit the unique Underground River and the gorgeous islands of El Nido. For a good reason, they’re amazing locations on this island that’s been named one of the worlds most beautiful islands.

The Underground River (read wiki) is one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. Not to be confused with the 7 World Wonders. It’s a 30 million year old limestone cave of 8km long, that you can explore on a boat. Mexico has a similar amazing cave, but it’s not accessible by boat.


Joining a tour

Joining a tour from Puerto Princesa will take you to the nearby town (80km, 1,5 hour drive). There you’ll have to wait for hours so you’ll hopefully spend more money again at the shops and restaurants, before getting on the boat to the Underground River entrance.

The cave is stunning and an amazing experience. 45 Minutes is way too short though, before you know it, you’re on the way out already. It’s about 20min going in, 20min going out. The tour costs p2000 (more or less) and altogether is a bit of a tourist trap designed to have you spend money along the way and at the town. But hey, that’s tourism..


Doing the long tour / doing it yourself

Apparently you can do 4 hour journey as well, but it’s only on special request. It costs p4000 for the first person and p1000 for the next. Not a bad deal and very worth it, especially if you’re with a few people. Try to get some info at your guesthouse or a tour agency beforehand about the long trip. It leaves only 1 a day on special request.

I highly recommend to drive here yourself from Puerto Princesa. A motorbike should cost you roughly p500 to rent, it’s an easy and nice drive. You won’t have to spend time waiting for nothing. Also, get on the long tour if you can.

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