Travel guide to San Vicente’s Long Beach.

From El Nido, it’s time to take my camera and Mavic drone and explore other off-the-beaten track places in Palawan. Truly a hidden gem, San Vicente Long Beach is a 14-kilometer stretch of white sand beach and blue waters. It is considered as the longest white beach in the Philippines. Located 138km north of Puerto Princesa and 120 km south of El Nido, Palawan. From Port Barton it’s 80 km drive.

The beach is uninterrupted and undisturbed with barely any resorts right on front. The fishing villages are located far off. On a 2012 survey, there were only 8500 tourists that year that visited the area. That already includes visitors in nearby and more popular Port Barton. In our own visit, there were only about 10 people in the resort where we stayed in. The number is far from that of Boracay and El Nido that cater hundreds and thousands of tourists each year. Needless to say, the beach is perfect for peaceful long walks, motorbike rides, and even sunset viewing! 

Long Beach - San Vicente

How to get to San Vicente Long Beach

The beach is not part of the usual tour activities in Palawan. There are not a lot of options to get there. You could already imagine how San Vicente Long Beach is such a hidden gem, with barely anyone in there. We rented a motorbike (400/day) and made our way to San Vicente from El Nido for almost 3 hours, which led us to long windy roads. The beach itself is located another couple of kilometers off the main highway. There are a couple of signs leading to the beach. But keep an eye on them as they can be easily missed. A good stop over before going to would be to visit Taytay town and do an island hopping tour. A must-see is the Elephant Island, which tucks away a stunning cave pool.

Long Beach - San Vicente

Other options to get there:

Bus ride

Take a bus going to Puerto Princesa if you come from El Nido. Tell the driver to drop you off San Vicente town, at the junction going to the beach. From the junction, get a tricycle or a motorbike to take you to the beach. If you come from Puerto Princesa, you can go to the bus station. From there, get on a bus or a van going to El Nido and then tell the driver to take you to San Vicente town.

With travel agencies

Very few travel agencies will take you to San Vicente. These agencies usually charge 600 pesos per person to take you to San Vicente in a van. However, they will only drop you off the junction. One travel agency, Augus Russ Travel and Tours offered to take us directly to the beach and wait for us if we paid 2500 pesos for the whole van. Their office is located in Silog Republic Restaurant in the center of El Nido town.

Long Beach - San Vicente


There are only a couple of places to stay in San Vicente Long Beach. We stayed in Turublien Beach resort, which offered the cheapest accommodation in for only 800 pesos/night for a room for two. The resort itself is located across a mangrove-lined river, to which they have a small boat to take you to and from the beach. On the beach, they have a simple bar and restaurant, and hammocks to relax.

A word of advice

Bring insect repellent! Sandflies really love to feast on human skin and it’s far from pleasant.

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Long Beach - San Vicente

Text by Jen Yap, photos by Martien Janssen