Siargao timelapse. 

My final Siargao timelapse, Philippines. Siargao is a hidden gem, surfing capital of the country and surrounded by gorgeous islands. The kinda place you end up staying longer, as happened to me. After 2 weeks here I decided to simply stay the rest of the year, living the island life, shooting timelapses, and especially capturing storms during the storm season. This is the result of my stay, the final Siargao timelapse movie. Many, many hours were spent capturing those gorgeous skies and hunting storms.

Almost all storm footage was actually shot within the first few months of my trip. And storm season still had to start, promising even more and crazier storms! That alone was reason enough me to stick around for the 6 month storm season. Disappointing enough I never even got anything close to what I shot in the beginning. Worse than that, a strong gust of wind knocked over my tripod and ruined my D700 with my 14-24mm, thanks to a few seconds in a few cm of low-tide ‘salt’ water…

Siargao ‘Island Life’ Travel Guide

For all info about visiting Siargao, check out our Siargao ‘island life’ travel guide. Siargao is booming though, and things are changing quickly. Expect a lot more people and businesses by now. It still remains a place though and when it comes to surfing, there’s a lot more spots to surf at than just Cloud 9.


‘Tempest’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with Nikon D700, D750, D800, D7100 & Sony RX100iv. Edited with Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse & After Effects.

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