Living the island life at Siargao.

Siargao is surf capital of the Philippines. It is one of the best 10 surfing locations in the world, with excellent waves at famous Cloud 9. This is where national and international surf competitions are held in september each year. The island (you can drive around in few hours) is surrounded by small islands and virgin white sand beaches, decorated with palm trees and littered with shells. It’s a place of peace and a quiet pace, no loud parties or annoying vendors. It’s a place that, so far, has not yet been spoiled by mass tourism.

Most visitors come for surfing, although the area has much to offer to non-surfers as well. With a bunch of excellent beaches, numerous idyllic islands and attractions as the Sugba lagoon, a great rockpool, famous Sohoton cave, this island remains a ‘hidden’ paradise in the Philippines. With a wide array of excellent accommodation, restaurants and bars, it has something to offer to everyone and many people find themselves staying much longer than expected.

Like me. I intended to come only 2 weeks, it’s been more than 2 months now. And I still haven’t had enough of this place. Actually, I plan to stay a while longer and further experience ‘living the island life’, exploring all of its locations and capturing them as good as I can. See my Philippines section under Travel Imagez to find all of my Philippines travel photography. There’s a large section about Siargao and the surrounding islands. Below you’ll find a few favourites of different locations and islands here in Siargao.


Hotspots of Siargao

Island life at Siargao: white sand beach of Casulian island with clear water and cloudy sky

Le Corregidor island near Siargao, Philippines.Siargao is surrounded by many of these paradise white sand islands with gorgeous beaches and wonderful clear warm water. Boattrips to these islands are easily organised from Siargao and form a wonderful daytrip. Bring sunscreen.

Island life at Siargao: Cowhagan island with white sand beach, clear waters, palm trees and cloudy skies

Cowhagan island, visited during a boat trip from Del Carmen, Siargao, after visiting the Yohoho lagoon at the north west of Siargao. One of the many paradise white sand beaches near Siargao with no one else on the island, except a few locals from the nearby island.

Island life at Siargao: Daku island with several several shelters for hire on white sand beach

Daku island near Siargao across General Luna, Siargao.

Island life at Siargao: Small deserted island Guyam decorated with palm trees and surrounded by white sand

Guyam island across General Luna, a small deserted little island where you can spend a night. Bring your own tent or just stay awake all night watching countless stars

Island life at Siargao: La Janusa island white sand beach with clear blue water and blue sky

La Janusa island, at swimmable distance of Mamon island with some good snorkelling in between.

Island life at Siargao: Mantibang island view on neighbouring islands

Mantibang island near Siargao, Philippines, visited during a boat trip.

Island life at Siargao: Colourful sunset on the beach with dramatic clouds and reflections in the water

Sunset view after rain in General Luna, Siargao, Philippines. After raining for hours, it stopped for a pause just right before the sunset started. The colors came out beautiful and I couldn’t stop shooting photos.

Island life at Siargao: Sugba lagoon near Siargao with turquoise coloured water, green vegetation and blue sky with clouds

Yohoho lagoon near Siargao, great swimming and decent snorkelling here. One of the locations visited during a full day boattrip from Del Carmen, Siargao. Shot from a building that is settled in betweeen from where both shots were taken.


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