Siargao Dusk to Dawn. 

Siargao Dusk to Dawn is part 2 of my Siargao timelapse trilogy. This timelapse movie is about Siargao between sunset and sunrise, focussing especially on the Milky Way. The movie starts at Cloud 9 and shows a variety of scenes shot at Guyam island and between General Luna and Cloud 9.

Shooting the Milky Way can only be done during a limited time of the year when the Milky Way is visible and conditions are dark enough. Siargao is an excellent location for it, as there is not much light pollution. The scenes are the result of 20-30 second exposures per photo, so this is not how our eyes see it, unfortunately. You can still see the Milky Way, but as a white blurry area.

I shot some of my best scenes at Guyam island, a deserted island about 2,5 km off the coast of General Luna. You can get a boatman to take you there and pick you up the next day. Just make sure you pay after he picks you up 😉 For a very small fee you can stay at the island overnight. Keep in mind that there are no facilities whatsoever. 

Siargao ‘Island Life’ Travel Guide

For all info about visiting Siargao, check out our Siargao ‘island life’ travel guide. Siargao is booming though, and things are changing quickly. Expect a lot more people and businesses by now. It still remains a place though and when it comes to surfing, there’s a lot more spots to surf at than just Cloud 9.


‘Exodus’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with a Nikon D700, D750, D800 (28-300 & 14-24) and Sony RX100iv. Edited with Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse and After Effects. Photopills app used for planning, QDSLRDashboard app for doing timelapses.

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