Siargao Dawn to Dusk. 

Siargao Dawn to Dusk is part 1 of my Siargao timelapse trilogy. This timelapse movie is about Siargao between sunrise and sunset. It starts at the iconic Cloud 9 boardwalk, followed by some scenes at Ocean101, a privately owned island, Guyam, Siargao, La Janusa, Daku, back to Siargao ending at Cloud 9 again, which is the main and most famous surfing spot. You can view the surfers from the boardwalk that you see at the start of the movie.

Beginning of 2016 I started my photography trip around the world, traveling to hopefully all continents in the next years. I started in the Philippines and the second month already I found myself in this paradise island named Siargao, with gorgeous islands, perfect Milky Way views, crazy lightning storms etc. All the kinds of stuff I love to photograph and so I decided to stay here for the rest of the year to work on these projects while experiencing island life and Siargao’s natural beauty. My timelapse trilogy is dedicated to the islands gorgeous sunrises/sunsets, the Milky Way views and incredible lightning storms.

Siargao ‘Island Life’ Travel Guide

For all info about visiting Siargao, check out our Siargao ‘island life’ travel guide. Siargao is booming though, and things are changing quickly. Expect a lot more people and businesses by now. It still remains a place though and when it comes to surfing, there’s a lot more spots to surf at than just Cloud 9.


‘Olympia’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with a Nikon D700, D750, D800 (28-300 & 14-24) and Sony RX100iv. Edited with Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse and After Effects. Photopills app used for planning, QDSLRDashboard app for doing timelapses.

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