Flying over Palawan by drone. 

Palawan by Drone is an aerial movie of one of earth’s most beautiful islands. I spend a month here with my brand new, first ever, drone. Pretty rad to place to fly. I traveled from the very north of Palawan, Coron, to the very southern islands where barely foreigners venture, South Palawan. It was a truly incredible trip with a lot of gorgeous scenery and great experience. Palawan really is a top travel destination that has plenty to offer for anyone.

Palawan by Drone locations in order of appearance

Note, we have Travel Guides for each of the following locations, just click on the link under the heading. It’s worth reading up if you’re planning to visit 😉

Coron island

Coron island is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever, hiding 7 lakes and surrounded by countless gorgeous lagoons. Seeing from the sky is just sick.

El Nido

El Nido must be one of the best places on the planet for boat tours and island hopping. So many great places to visit, such gorgeous scenery. Book your own tour to avoid the big crowds! Leave eary as well. If you can afford it of want to splash, there’s some crazy cool accommodation on the islands. Nacpan Beach should also not be missed when you’re staying at El Nido.

Long Beach

Long Beach at San Vicente is the country’s longest beach at 14km. Soft white sand, no one on it, except a rediculous amount of sandflies that come alive at sunset.

Port Barton

Port Barton is wonderful laid back little fishing town that’s great to escape the crowds and do some quiet island hopping tours.

Honda Bay

Honda Bay is famous for island hopping as well, but tourism and they way they handle tourism just seemed to ruin it all. Starfish island for example, has no more starfish.

South Palawan

South Palawan is truly off the beaten track, largely due to safety reasons. Still not sure if I’m brave or stupid, but I went anyway and absolutely loved staying at Bancalan island, which receives averagely 5 visitors a year. There were no facilities for tourists at all, so we ended up renting a room at a family’s house, who cooked for us as well. We showered at the waterpump like the locals and slowly were able to make more contact with the shy locals who spoke little to no English. We spent a few days going out on fishing & island hopping trips, which was incredible and so different from El Nido, which is absurdly crowded.

A location worth mentioning, although I don’t have drone footage of it, is the Underground River. More about that in the Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour blogpost.

Palawan by drone
Aerial view of Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Shot with DJI Mavic Pro, multiple photos stitched together as a panorama. Palawan island is named worlds best island second year in a row, it is an amazing island surrounded by many hundreds of islands. Island hopping is the main attraction here, and although El Nido is most famous, Coron is the real gem. The landscape is really visible and appreciated from high in the sky, when you see all the different rock formations, lagoons and hidden lakes. Be advised to organise your own private tour to avoid the big crowds that really spoil the experience.


‘Ocean Blue’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro, sometimes with my PolarPro 6-pack filters. Read more about the gear I use for these movies at the Gear section!

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