Visiting Honda Bay, Philippines.


Things have changed over the last years and they’re becoming very focused on the tourist game now in Palawan, learning the ‘trick’ from the rest of the world. Can’t blame them. The port where you get on the boat to the Honda Bay islands has many vendors trying to sell you pearl necklaces etc. The absence of things like these are what makes places like Siargao island so appealing.

Starfish island - Philippines


Arriving at Starfish island and Luli island there were 10-20 of boats and heaps of people. Even much more at Cowrie island. The beach, swimming and corals weren’t very appealing, but at least I saw some fish. :/ Also, freedom was very limited, can’t swim here, don’t go there, stay between the lines, can’t fly your drone. The place wasn’t very photogenic either, but least looked better from the sky than on the land.

Luli island, Honda Bay, Philippines


Starfish island didn’t even have a single starfish anymore. In contrary to images I saw of a few years ago, which showed tons of them. Lunch was absolutely really bad too, worst meal on any trip. Even the fried bananas were bad, not sure how they messed that up. Sorry for being so negative. But it’s the plain truth and I’m not gonna lie to you or myself about it.

I do believe you can have a good time at Honda Bay. But you should organize your own tour and go where the tours don’t. So probably it’s just my own fault to join a tour (p1200). It’s just that some blogs really raved about it. Back then at least. I understand from other people that it hasn’t changed for the better.

Luli island, Honda Bay, Philippines


The above photos are the first travel photos I’ve shot with my new drone! Just before I left for Palawan I was lucky enough to receive my DJI Mavic Pro, after being on the waiting list for 6 weeks. Expect a lot more cool drone footage 🙂


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