Rolling Hills at Batan island in Batanes, Philippines

Motorbike drivelapse/hyperlapse at Batanes Islands.


The landscapes at Batanes (Philippines) were stunning. My favourite thing, there and anywhere actually, is driving around on a motorbike, exploring the area and enjoying the scenery. Photos are just fragments of these beautiful landscapes and even if I’d show you thousands, I still couldn’t really show you what the area actually is like. So I decided to take you on some of my journeys around these islands by filming hyper lapse movies of some of my drives, I call them drivelapse movies.

A few drivelapse scenes were take while on the back of a motorbike with someone else driving, but most moments I was driving by myself. So as carefully as possible (it seems I drive really fast, but this is the hyper lapse effect, because I’m actually diving really slow) I shot some scenes by myself on roads that I’d been on some times before. I used the Hyperlapse app by Instagram to film these scenes, which does an excellent job at stabilising it all. I took many more videos with my GoPro, but they look horrible and very shaky, so I haven’t been using those. Therefor the footage is somewhat limited, compared to what I intended, but still gives a nice impression.

Thanks to the awesome superspeed wifi (not!) in the Philippines I took me over a week to finally upload these 3 videos, one of every island: Batan island, Itbayat island and Sabtang island. Unfortunately the Youtube quality is quite horrible, so please set it to 720 dpi to make it somewhat bearable.


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