Camiguin timelapse. 

Camiguin is a pearl- shaped island located in the Northern Mindanao Region with a total land area of 238 square kilometers. It is a small mountainous Island with volcanic origins and home to seven volcanoes and other mountains, no wonder it is also known as the ‘Island Born of Fire’; title of this Camiguin timelapse movie. It is the only place on earth with the highest density of volcanos for a certain land area. Hot springs are thus born from volcanic vents. And as mentioned above, the unique composition and geologic activity of the island made it a home to natural land and water formations and home to a variety of flora and fauna.

My main plan to capture all that beauty with the Milky Way in the background, at the most perfect week of the year, turned out a disaster. Once again all nights were plagued with clouds and rain and I only managed to capture 1 scene. Such is the life of photographer I guess. Nevertheless captured some beauty in between those rainy moments and this Camiguin timelapse reflects pretty well how the island looks during the daytime.

Camiguin is still quite off the beaten track. Philippines just has so many great places to visit, and this island is a bit of a detour from the usual route. If you fancy something different or have the time to spare, this place is really worth the visit. Don’t expect much party here though, this is a very laid back island.

Camiguin Travel Guide

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‘Crystalline’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with a Nikon D800 (14-24/f2.8 & 28-300/f3.5-5.6) & Sony RX100iv. Edited with Photoshop, Lightroom and LRTimelapse. Movie composed in After Effects.

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