Sunset at the Rolling Hills

Batanes time lapse: 18 Days shooting ‘the Schotland of the Philippines’.


Photography is great, I love it. But there’s something magical about time lapses, seeing the change of the scenery over time, the movement of clouds, rolling over volcano tops and the changing of light and colours during a sunset. It’s a whole new dimension of photography, the dimension of time. A single shot of a sunset, for example, is great, capturing that perfect second where everything is just right. But to see the entire scene change in a matter of seconds shows the true wonder of nature in a way you don’t realise when it’s unfolding in real time. This Batanes time lapse movie is about those moments.

Seeing the result is awesome and you know that’s what you do it for. But the work and time that is involved is enormous. Getting up at 4 am to drive to some far away location in pitch black, setting up your equipment, only to find yourself in a sudden rain shower or clouds appearing. Or (especially during daytime) people appearing out of nowhere in your scene, nooo. Or you forgot one of the settings, or the plate of your tripod. And then to edit and export all of those files on a laptop. It sure is a time consuming challenge, but nevertheless I love it. It lets you see nature in a way you don’t see with your own eyes.

So, take a moment and experience those moments sitting and enjoying the scenery unfold, as I did when I was there. That’s a nice thing about doing time lapses, it forces you to sit and wait, watch the scene, absorb in a way you don’t when you just take your shot and move on.


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