Stunning Ifugao-made rice terraces in a Batad timelapse movie. 

My Batad timelapse movie ‘Queen of Rice Terraces, earns its title. It was one of the highlights during my stay in the Philippines and one of the top destinations for my photography work. It is a spectacular place, over 2000 years old, built unlike any other by the Ifugao people. It’s one of the few places where the traditional Philippines culture survived from the Spanish rule. Read all about Batad in our Batad travel guide.

I wanted to do something special with Batad, to not only get a few nice photos and some drone shots, but to really dedicate some time to this place to capture it to the best of my ability doing (panoramic) photography and create timelapses and aerial movie. I planned the best week of the year at the end of April during the time when the rice terraces are at their prettiest green and when the Milky Way visibility would be the best. Unfortutely almost all nights the sky was covered in thick clouds, thunder often echoing through the mountains. Which was really awesome!

Batad Travel Guide 

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‘Frontier’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with Nikon D800, D750, 28-300/3.5-5.6, 20/1.8, Sony RX100iv, Syrp Genie Mini. Edited with Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse and After Effects.

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