TimeBlend timelapse movie.

TimeBlend is the fourth movie of my Bagan timelapse pentalogy. It’s a ‘creative timelapse movie’ of Bagan using a blending technique to capture the element of time. By blending images from the timelapse sequence with each other, I aim to show the changes that occur over time blended into each frame. It captures time in a way we can’t perceive with our own eyes. You’re no longer looking at a moment, but a blend of time that can show the trails of the stars for an entire night of up to 10 hours.

In other words, what you’re looking at is the motion of time and change of light. So, in a way I’m ‘drawing with light by blending time’. 

To me my ongoing project TimeScapes (of which TimeBlend is part of) is about playing with the element of time, combining images to create a new type of dimension in which you’re no longer looking at a moment, but a time-frame. I love how it allows you to see the movement of the clouds & stars and the colors and effects that appear, simply by blending each new frame with previous frames. The technique used is similar to creating star-trails, also named cloud-stacking for clouds. 

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Gear used:

Nikon D750 & D850, Nikkor 20/1.8, 16-35/4, 28-300/3.5-5.6.
Sony RX100iv, Mavic Pro, Syrp Genie Mini Pan-Tilt

Software used 

Photoshop for editing timelapses
Bridge for image viewing / organizing
Photo Mechanic for quick image viewing
Starstax for image blending (star-trails)
Lightroom  + LRTimelapse for editing timelapses
After Effects for editing final movies

TimeBlend Music

‘Virtue’ by Bradfort Nyght

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