Rogue Storm timelapse movie.

ROGUE STORM is the second movie of my Bagan timelapse pentalogy. The movie is built around a rare night with 3 lightning storms passing over Bagan. In this dry zone very little rain falls, even in monsoon season. The chance of capturing a storm over Bagan is next to nothing. I was devastated to find out! Trying to capture Milky Way skies during a monsoon season was going to be very challenging, so I hoped that at least I might be able to shoot some storms. When locals made all my hope evaporate, I didn’t give up, checking my weather apps continuously/desperately to see if I’d get lucky after all. You never know! I always say, ‘when you least expect it, the best things happen’. For weeks I witnessed on my radar apps how massive storms would bend off to pass Bagan or either fall apart right over it. Until one day, after shooting sunset, BOOM! A strike! Between 6pm and 11pm I was able to capture 2 of 3 storms that passed right over Bagan. Armed with 3 cameras, I was able to shoot a bunch of timelapses and make this movie of that lucky night! 

The craziest of things happened that night. As I was taking shelter in a temple during the rain, I accidentally (of course) stepped on a snake. Did I tell you yet Myanmar is the deadliest country with roughly 7500 people a year dying from snakebites? OMG. It’s a too long story to tell here, but read all about it in my Behind the Scenes post.

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Support locals

If you ever plan on visiting Myanmar, please be sure to spend your money at the smaller local-run businesses. It really helps support the local people and their families. Please care.

Gear used:

Nikon D750 & D850, Nikkor 20/1.8, 16-35/4, 28-300/3.5-5.6.
Sony RX100iv, Mavic Pro, Syrp Genie Mini Pan-Tilt

Software used 

Photoshop for editing timelapses
Bridge for image viewing / organizing
Photo Mechanic for quick image viewing
Lightroom  + LRTimelapse for editing timelapses
After Effects for noise reduction and editing final movies

Rogue Storm Music

‘Palladio Rebuilt’ by Kerry Muzzey

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