Flying over Hpa An, Myanmar – A unique drone capture!

This drone movie ‘Flying over Hpa An’ shows some incredible views of the area around Hpa An. Hpa An, capital of Kayin State in the southeast, is surrounded by dramatic karst mountain scenery which juts from the surrounding plains. Many of these mountains contain large and religiously significant caves. The most impressive example is the beautiful, sacred and monolithic Mount Zwegabin), 16 kilometres south east of Hpa An. Scruffy riverside town Hpa An doesn’t itself have much appeal, but it is the logic base from where to explore the area and its many mountains and caves. Hpa An is now slowly making it on the itinerary of many travelers for good reason, it’s a wonderful place to explore, the mountains are magnificent and the caves incredible. Some let you walk through the mountain to arrive at the other side, with either a great viewpoint or river to return by boat. 

Hpa An by drone

Flying over Hpa An drone movie

Flying my drone here wasn’t the safest thing, carefully said. So I had to be so cautious, you can see I had my drone up at 500m to avoid anyone hearing or seeing it. I had planned/hoped to shoot more here, but on the long buside from Inle Lake with aircon on freeze (cold is actually in a luxury in these poor hot regions) I arrived sick and needed my rest. Throw in another flat tire at 5am and I missed each of 3 sunrise opportunities. 

Flat tire

Funny enough, that morning with the flat tire, showed me another great example of the kindness of locals. I was almost out of town when it happened. I walked to a nearby local shop that was already open, pointed to my flat tire to explain I needed someone to repair it. They didn’t speak English, but pumped up my tire and told me to follow the road. Within a 1min it was flat again, so I walked to a car repair shop, where a women was walking around. She made clear the shop didn’t do motorbikes, so I went to the hotel next door. 

Hpa An by drone

The guy at reception didn’t speak English, so he went to wake the manager, who did. The kind helpful manager explained all repair shops were closed, but a few blocks away there was one that would open at 6am. He told the reception dude to bring me there. The  guy who ran the shop, in front of his house, had just woken up and was washing myself. They both spoke and the guy opened the shop early to help me. How kind! Then I realized I forgot my wallet. I tried my best to explain to the reception guy that I forgot my wallet, and would have to return to pay the repair man. 

View from the sky

Anyway, reception dude paid repair dude, I went to get my wallet, returned to the hotel, but he didn’t want to accept the money! I put the money in his pocket and gave him the cookies I brought for him. Missed sunrise, but received so much kindness and help. Seriously, it’s hard to find any kinder people than the people of Myanmar and I’ve come to love the country dearly thanks to its kind people. 

View from the sky


Shot with DJI MavicPro and PolarPro filters.


‘Artificial Intelligence Full Mix’ by Score Squad

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