Flying over Bagan drone movie.

Flying over Bagan captures countless of the many temples of Bagan, Myanmar. Shot in both monsoon season and dry season over the course of 11 weeks during 3 visits in 20 months time. I was there mainly for my timelapse pentalogy and had my drone stuff as a side project. Didn’t get to shoot a lot of sunrises or even any sunsets, but what I did get was pretty cool. Before I went to Myanmar I already visualized that shot of flying my drone through the balloons. Got the shot! Took me some nerves, but after having studied the balloons’ behaviour plenty of times I felt confident. I only did that once and otherwise always tried to stay well out of the way to not cause anything to happen, like my fast drone flying right through the balloons! Don’t do this at home.

Flying a drone in Myanmar requires a permit and registration. To not have either of these can land you in jail for years. It is true though that the tourist police at Bagan won’t charge you, but just ask you to stop. They aren’t after jailing tourists. Nevertheless you should really not fly without a permit, the risk is high and you won’t feel very comfortable flying that noise thing, trying your best to avoid any people and especially the police who does patrol the area. Read all about ‘Drone rules in Myamar’ in my article.

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Support locals

If you ever plan on visiting Myanmar, please be sure to spend your money at the smaller local-run businesses. It really helps support the local people and their families. Please care.

Gear used

Mavic Pro with PolarPro filters

Software used 

Photoshop for editing videos
Bridge for image viewing / organizing
Photo Mechanic for quick image viewing
After Effects for editing videos and final movie

Flying over Bagan Music

‘Legacy’ by Ryan Taubert

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