Capturing the passing of time and motion of light in Bagan TimeScapes.

My Bagan TimeScape photo series is part of my ongoing TimeScapes photo and video project.. In this project I try to capture the element of time by using my timelapses in creative ways. By blending and slices images from this timelapse it allows me to play with that element/dimension of time. You could say I ‘edit/mix/blend’ photos into new images, which exist of dozens to hundreds of images. Some even over a thousand photos for full night startrails.

Bagan timescapes: Converting a timelapse into an image

When I started photography, I loved observing nature. It was the element of time I became most interested in, not just that single great moment of a sunset, but the entire sunset with all its gradients and changes in color, clouds constantly changing and moving. So, naturally I started experimenting with timelapse. It was then when I starting thinking of ways of translating this huge image sequence into a single image. There’s ways of slicing and blending images. Eventually I was able to turn that effect into video, allowing me to create an animated version of it. 

Bagan TimeScapes movie ‘TimeBlend’

I’ve also made a TimeScape version of Bagan, called TimeBlend, coming out soon!

Bromo TimeScapes movie

My first big TimeScapes project was at Mt Bromo volcano, Indonesia. I created a few different photo series and a movie called Bromo TimeScape ‘Drawing with Light‘. The smoke coming out of Mt Bromo added a magical effect to that project, check it out!


Nikon D750 + D850 with Nikkor 20/1.8, 16-35/4 and 28-300/3.5-5.6

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