A series of mesmerizing Bagan drone photos.

Bagan is one of the most captivating places to capture, no matter what camera you’re using. You just can’t go wrong here. But, as with any other place, to capture it from the sky opens up a whole new range of possibilities. With over 2000 temples there are countless angles to shoot your Bagan drone photos. It’s a photographers paradise here! 

Bagan drone photos

Ultimately you want to capture your Bagan drone photos with balloons nearby in the background, but that actually proves pretty hard if you want some nice temples in the foreground. Along the path of the balloons (usually from northeast to southwest) there aren’t that many temples to frame. 

Flying a drone in Myanmar requires a permit, so to fly without a permit would mean you have to be really careful and not let anyone see you. This would complicate things quite a bit, if you’d find yourself in that situation. 

Bagan drone photos

It was really unfortunate that most of the largest temples were still under construction, because of the earthquake a few years ago. Also unfortunate was that the East side of Bagan is now a no-fly zone, since it’s close to the airport. 

Bagan drone photos

These Bagan drone photos were captured during my 3 visits there. My drone photo and video project was more of a side project, since my main focus was my timelapse project of several movies. I didn’t get to shoot as much during the golden hours as I would have liked to, but can’t have everything..

A lot of my photos are stitched photos. I use the panorama mode to capture that wider angle. Takes a bit of work to stitch in Photoshop, but at least it does that automatically and rather quick. It’s worth it though!

Gear used

Mavic Pro with Polar Pro filters.

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