Capturing the ancient temples of Bagan at day.

Right after sunrise everyone goes back to their accommodation to have breakfast. Between 7am and 9am is actually the best time to see Bagan at day time. There’s barely anyone around, the light is still gorgeous and soft and the temperature is lovely. If you’re not getting up for sunrise, you can have and early breakfast and head out after. Or if you’re out for sunrise, you could bring some drinks/snacks/fruits or even buy some at the shops along the road.

At lunch time is the hottest part of the day and it is best spent having a siesta. If you’ve been up before sunrise, you’ll welcome some time in your room to chill. There won’t be a lot of people at the temples, so if you don’t mind, perhaps it’s a good time for you to explore the temples. But it’s far from comfortable during those hours. If you do plan on going out, visiting the inside of temples is a good idea, it’s nice and cool there. You have until 4pm till to wander around before you’ll want to secure a good sunset spot somewhere. 

Temperature in Bagan during day

Bagan lies right in the desert, which means it gets crazy hot here. Even in ‘cold season’ (November to February) it can easily reach 35 degrees Celsius, which may feel like 45. In hot season you can add 5-10 degrees. This means you’ll want to dress accordingly and cover your skin as much as possible. Be aware that uncovered shoulders and knees are not allowed at any of the temples.

You are best off wearing thin long clothing in Bagan at day. You can buy local clothing everywhere, thin long sleeves, elephant pants and all that. If you don’t mind the local style.. I had a few, they’re only a few dollars and it puts a smile on a girls face you buy it from 🙂

In those weeks I was there during monsoon it was so hot, man. The only place I’ve ever been like that is the outback in Australia. I’d drink liters per day without ever going to the toilet. At night though, it was lovely.


Nikon D750 + D800 + D850 with Nikkor 20/1.8, 16-35/4 and 28-300/3.5-5.6

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