Mt Bromo timelapse – Bromo shot from day to night. 

Mt Bromo timelapse, a movie about one of worlds’ most impressive locations. In this country with most volcanos in the world, none is as scenic and popular as Mt Bromo. It is visited by hundreds of people, mostly Indonesians, every single day. The most popular activities here are watching Mt Bromo at sunrise (weather doesn’t allow good sunsets) and walking up to the crater’s edge. Most people only spent a day or two here. But for me Mt Bromo was the perfect location for my timelapse and photography projects. I managed to rent a motorbike and spent most days exploring the area and finding viewpoints. 

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

In this Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park are several volcanos, but only Bromo is active. Almost non-stop smokes comes out of the crater and you can hear it rumble. Lava’s never come out though, only smoke and ashes. Having the whole park for myself at night (mostly) was incredible, something I’d been looking forward to for many years. Weather conditions were rough, lots of rain and at night either too cloudy or too much dew, which I wasn’t prepared for.


Thinking of visiting Bali or Java? You should really really visit Mt Bromo. Check out our Mt Bromo travel guide for info & tips. Want to get some great shots too? I spent over a month there, shooting it from every possible angle, read my Mt Bromo photography guide to get some great shots.


‘Bloodstorm’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with a Nikon D700, D750, D800, 14-24/2.8, 20/1.8, 50/1.4/16/2.8 fisheye, 28-300/3.5-5.6. DJI Mavic Pro drone. Syrp Genie mini.

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