Mt Bromo by drone, volcanos from the sky. 

Mt Bromo by drone, shot at Java, Indonesia. ‘Bromo’ (just 1 of the volcanos in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park) had been my nr 1 bucketlist destination for years. I was so excited to be here. I worked on a whole bunch of projects, a regular photo series and my TimeScape series, my Mt Bromo timelapse and Mt Bromo TimeScape.

My drone gave me a whole different perspective to this place. To see and capture the place from the ground is incredible, but to fly over it reveals its beautiful textures in such a better way than from the ground. This place is insane. Mt Bromo is constantly active, puffing smoke and rumbling like a nearby train. At night mist can fill the park faster than you can get out. Getting caught in the mist is no fun, I can tell you that! Even with my maps app and a good sense of direction, it was very very hard to find the exit. 

The volcano is sacred to the people, so you’re not allowed to fly over it unfortunately. At some point my drone, for whatever reason, turned itself off while I was trying to land it and and fell a few meters to the ground. It never worked properly anymore. Actually, it never worked properly from the very beginning, but that’s a whole other story. Time to watch this amazing piece of earth! Enjoy 🙂


Thinking of visiting Bali or Java? You should really really visit Mt Bromo. Check out our Mt Bromo travel guide for info & tips. Want to get some great shots too? I spent over a month there, shooting it from every possible angle, read my Mt Bromo photography guide to get some great shots.


‘Shadowland’ by Simon Wilkinson,


Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro, sometimes with my PolarPro 6-pack filters.

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