Bali, the island of dreams, with its incredible culture, people, and landscape. Who wouldn’t want to spend a while visiting this gorgeous and fascinating tropical green island, right? I was so fortunate to be in Bali during the lockdown, of all places. It messed up my (travel)plans, like everyone’s, but it allowed to me capture the island during a unique time without tourists and hordes of people everywhere.

Many attractions and events were off-limits though due to Covid, so I could only really capture the main attractions and the landscapes and beaches of course. But I never got to capture the famous dances, big ceremonies or festivals. My 2017 trip to Bali was a disaster footage-wise (all my gear had issues), but I still had unused footage which allowed me to fill in those gaps and paint a more complete picture of ‘the island of Gods’.

It includes a unique shot from 2017 of an empty Pura Besakih (00:20) when the area was evacuated because of Mt Agung at danger of erupting. Such exciting times! It also includes some ceremonies I was able to attend at the time, and the magnificent traditional dances.