Best trip ever: Bali, Gilis, Lombok, Komodo & Flores

When people ask me for travel inspiration, I often start telling them about my 6 week trip to Indonesia, the best trip ever. Or at least, one of! I traveled from Bali all the way to Flores and back and saw some of the most incredible views, above and under the water. This is a trip that I highly recommend! 

Best trip ever

Best trip ever: How I traveled

After 1 night at Bali I made my way to the Gilis where I spent 2 weeks, doing my Padi and doing an advanced course. Had a great time, lovely perfect, great swimming, wonderful snorkeling and all that. Made a local friend who showed me around Lombok. Then joined a 4 day boattrip to Flores, stopping at Komodo National Park and many other places. Explored the wonder and friendly Flores for a week and spent my remainder at Bali. What a fantastic, still is my best trip ever.

The trip just had so much in it. Gili Air was so laid back, barely a few dozen people were staying. I’d usually hang out with the locals guys, which was great. Seeing Lombok with a local was great, I never would never all those places and people. The boattrip was fantastic, a nice group, great stops, food was delicious, scenery incredible. Diving at Komodo NP is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. It’s never been better. And up until today Flores is still is one of my favorite places, I really loved it there. 


Bali needs little introduction, think rice terraces, volcanos, beaches, waterfalls, good food, nice people and parties!

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North of Lombok you’ll find the 3 little Gili Islands, world famous by now, gorgeous little islands where it’s all about the beach and the water. The 3 islands are surrounding by many great spots for snorkeling and diving. It’s here why I decided to get my PADI, a good decision! Big clouds pass over Lombok and give some the most colorful sunsets you’ve ever seen.


The more simple, undeveloped and quiet version of Bali, many say. You’ll find some great beaches with good surf and plenty of nice views all around. Mt Rinjani, the largest volcano on the island, dominates the view. If you love trekking, you’ll love the hike up to the summit! 


There’s many boattrips you can do in this area these days, the one I did was a 4 day 3 night trip starting at east Lombok and arriving at west Flores. It was a great trip with cool stops to go for a walk somewhere or snorkeling. Food along the way was great too and the views spectacular. We spent a night on the boat at Komodo NP, treated by a lightning storm. We went up Padar mountain and visited Komodo and Rinca island. 


The rules for visiting Komodo and Rinca island are now changing, but until recently you could visit it easily and cheap. We went for short hike across each island, spotting the different wildlife and the Komodo dragons.


The landscape of the Flores reminded me a lot of Laos, you’ll see endless mountain ranges with villages scattered across. Most houses have colorful flowers in front of them. There’s still some traditional animistic villages you can visit, there’s volcanos and hotsprings and all that, but most magnificent are the views while traveling from one place to the other. Mt Kelimutu with its 3 crater lake is a must to visit. 

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