Bali timelapse movie

My Bali timelapse ‘Island of Gods’ is a movie of one of my favorite islands. As cliché as Bali might sound (everyone’s visiting Bali these days) it is an island like no other, with gorgeous nature and wonderful landscape, kind people, great food and an expression of their culture unlike any other place. Bali is many things and your trip is what you make of it. Staying in the south at the beaches is totally different from staying at Ubud, or the east or the north. My advice, stay somewhere quiet, get a nice room, rent a motorbike and explore it yourself. 

Read more about Bali in my Travel Guide, but first watch the Bali timelapse movie here below!

Even though I’ve visited many great places, Bali remains one of my favorites. Two months I spent here working a movie project, using my different cameras and techniques. I had such cool plans for it, excited to use my new Osmo for stabilised video. My drone. . I planned to shoot a lot in slow motion, so I could manipulate time in my movie, all such things. Two months I spent shooting mornings till nights, without really checking my footage on the laptop enough.

The whole project turned out the biggest disaster ever, for a bunch of reasons:

– Before I arrived at Bali, I went to Mt Bromo at Java. My drone fell 3m from the sky and ever since the gimball wasn’t working ok anymore. I still used it at Bali, but it was so hard to get decent shots

– I was quite new to video, so I completely messed up with my setting, shooting in wrong shutterspeeds. My footage simply wasn’t smooth. 

– I shot most in slowmotion, which looked fine on my phone, but not on a big screen.. I then learned that this slowmotion footage is shot lowres, upsized to 1920×1080, looking absolutely useless. The most stupid thing in cameraworld to do this.. 

– My new Osmo worked great, shot so much, looked great on my phone. I get back home, look at it on a bigscreen and notice a blurry area. Turns out there was lens fault… All Osmo footage was useless.

– Most of my footage was absolutely useless and what remained of the video files wasn’t enough to use. What left were my Bali timelapse scenes and a bunch of drone shots, enough to make 2 separate movies. But what a blunder.

Little shed in between the rice fields

Lessons to take from this:

Check your footage along the way on a larger screen to make sure all is ok.

Check your gear when you buy it to check for these kind of production mistakes. I’ve never experienced anything like this before though. Check it before you pack it as well, you never know.

– A lot cameras that offer 5x speed (which results in slowmotion footage) is actually not regular footage shot in that resolution. It’s shot 480 for example, then upsized to a pixelated 1080. If you want good quality footage, you won’t want to use this. Better shoot 1080 60p

– In video it’s really important to slow down your shutterspeed, if necessary with an ND filter. Typically when shooting 24 or 25 fps, you’ll want your shutterspeed at 1/50 or 1/100. If you don’t, your footage will look jerky. That jerkiness can be also caused by many other things, like your video player or a slow computer. 

Bali timelapse

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