The Bali monsoon season is known for wind, rather than crazy storms or much rain. During the Covid lockdown we had the wettest, longest monsoon season in many years, lasting for most of a year. Weeks would pass barely showing the sun. Tough times to shoot and many fruitless drives, but also lucky moments and opportunities to do some storm chasing in Bali. 

This Monsoon video shows some of stormy skies I was able to capture as timelapse. Most of it was shot north of Ubud, where I was based for most of the time. But it includes scenes from all over the island

The music is a bit heavy for these Balinese scenes, perhaps, but I love heavy music and I love the challenge of trying to make the footage work with the music, as best as possible. The storm footage was simply the most suitable for the kind of song. Hope you enjoy it 🙂