Eyes of the Garuda is the last video project I got to work on with my beloved Mavic Pro. A word of thanks to my drone.

Thank you so much for all your amazing footage and the good times we had. You have been one of my best buddies during my travels throughout Southeast Asia for the past 5 years. You have seen some gorgeous views from up there and given me the most incredible scenes I’ve ever captured.

You had your emotional issues though and I still don’t understand why you tried to commit suicide twice. After Palawan, our second destination to the incredible Batad rice terraces in northern Philippines you were having the most magnificent view over the mountains tops at 2500m above sea level, when you decided to auto-land right in the fields. There was nothing I could do to stop you, you didn’t listen anymore. If it wasn’t for the local boys I would have never been able to reach you right before sunset in that maze of rice terraces. I saved you though! Put you in a bag of rice for a few days to dry and you were good again.

Then, third destination, at the stunning Mt Bromo volcano, that time right when we finished our sunset flight and your were hanging 15ft above our landing spot and you just dropped dead. What was that about? I’m glad I didn’t fly you right over the crater, I’m sure you would have take the opportunity. You sure messed up your gimbal and I was barely able to use you anymore during my visits to the Banda and Kei islands, and Bali. I was so bummed out, you know.

Back home, DJI gave no support and I bought your clone. Things never felt the same, but we made the most of it and you were a trustworthy companion, a bit clumsy at times but so am I. Your balloon shots of Bagan were majestic, what adventures we had in Myanmar, that was crazy! We had our time on a Thai beach, and now we had a year on Bali! What a blast we had, it sure made up for our 2017 trip in Bali. I’m sorry it had to end here as well, especially after being rescued from that 100ft cliff at Nusa Penida. What a story that was. That was entirely my fault by the way, I’m sorry for that. I underestimated the wind.

I’m not sure what caused the sudden swelling of all your batteries. Must have started when we were at Cookie’s place. Your batteries might have been too warm when I charged them. I’m glad we were still able to fly for 8 months without you exploding. To be honest, I kind of hoped for it. Thought it would be cool. I mean, better than getting lost because your battery popped out, right?

RIP my flying friend.