Bali and the Nusa islands seen from the sky

Capturing Bali by drone while flying my Mavic Pro over Bali’s landscape and the Nusa islands: Nusa Penida, – Ceningan and Lembongan. The Nusa islands were lovely, I really enjoyed exploring those, in particual the massive rock formations at quiet Nusa Penida. It’s a place where I wish I had more time to spend. Enjoy the scenes in my Bali by drone movie!

As already explained in my previous Bali timelapse movie, my whole Bali video project was a disaster for many reasons. The mistake I made with my drone, whole was already very messed up due to a crash-landing, was that I (for the first time) used the 5X speed mode to capture a lot of footage in slowmotion. I really wanted to play around with time in the movie.

It was only when I got back home that I found out these speed modes shoot in low resolution, which is then upsized to an absolutely useless 1080. It’s the most rediculous thing ever. Most of my footage was shot that way, so I was left with very little to create this movie of it. 

There’s some cool shots in there, but I had so many more. I love the first shot with the dog walking in. I spent a full battery trying to get that shot through the opening. Tried over 20 times and luckily enough the only time it worked out well was when dog walked in. You couldn’t plan a shot like that!

The shot where I fly through the opening of the rock at Utuh beach (Nusa Penida) was a scary one to do as well. The wind was quite hard, so my drone wasn’t flying straight. I had to disable the sensors, or it would simply stop. Took me many tries, but finally got it.

Notice at the end of the movie where my drone almost crashed into the plant. The sensors made it stop when it was right in front of the drone. I was very far away, so I never noticed it. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not! 

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