When I was in Bali during the lockdown, I spent a full year driving around the island shooting my videos and this Mt Agung & Batur timelapse & drone movie. Mt Agung at 3031m can be seen from most of the island, decorating the view and forming a lovely backdrop so many of the shots. Mt Batur is my favorite location, the clouds there are so incredible, can literally watch them for hours there. This video showcases the majestic volcanos from every possible angle 🙂

My favorite coffee place at Batur and all of Bali, actually, was Batur Coffee. This place has one of the best views in the area, has a great setup to sit and chill, wonderful coffee and lovely staff. This became my go to spot here. What I appreciated most was they would even open up at 5am for me to shoot my timelapse there. They’d even give me coffee with my name spelled in the foam, what place does that?! Spend some time here when you have the chance.

Enjoy the magnificent Mt Agung & Batur, captured by drone and timelapse.