First trip to the States.

My good friend Stuart from Dallas (check out his photos), recently invited me over for a (bit of a crazy) roadtrip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and on to the Rocky Mountains. Kinda hard to say no to that, so off we went!

In 9 days we met up at Las Vegas for a day, drove to the Grand Canyon (north rim section to capture the Milky Way) for 2 days before heading all the way to Estes Park near the Rockies.

I had not yet been to America, so this was quite the first time. The scenery was absolutely mind-blowing, driving from the dry desert to the snowy Rocky Mountains. The Grand Canyon and the rock formations of the desert were my favourite parts of trip, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.

We actually started in Las Vegas, but I didn’t shoot much there and so it’s not included in my movie or photos.

Roadtrip movie

Armed with my trusty D750 & D850 DSLR’s and a new DJI Osmo Pocket, this trip was mainly to play around with my little Osmo while driving and shooting timelapses whenever we had time. The Osmo pocket proved amazing for its size and it was great to shoot slowmo, regular video, hyperlapse and all that. Enjoy the movie!

Roadtrip photos

I used most of my time during stops to shoot timelapses, so many of my photos are stills from these scenes or shot along the way from the car. Hope I make it back one day to shoot more, the landscapes are just incredible.


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