About Travel Imagez


Travel Imagez is a travel photography website where I, Martien Janssen, present amazing travel destinations through my camera lens. It features the world in unique creative imagery that will inspire you to pack up your bags, travel, and, hopefully, set your self into taking stunning photos.

This website will show you popular as well as off-the-beaten track travel destinations and guides, photography tips and tons of travel photos , timelapse – and drone movies.

If you are that person that just loves to see the beauty of our planet; knowing that there’s more in the world to see; and believe that we ought to share this with people that we care, then we’re on the same page.

There’s nothing more compelling than a stunning photo of your destination. Who doesn’t love them? Create photos with great stories and share them in your social media. Inspire your loved ones, friends, and, who knows, your future clients if you turn this passion into a business. You’ll never have to work a day of your life.

Travel Imagez covers destinations starting from South East Asia and onwards. I just recently finished my trip from beautiful Philippines where I had amazing photography opportunities, taking time lapses of milky ways, lightning and drone footages of the most amazing views that will blow your mind. I am currently in Indonesia, staying here for six months, to cover this wonderful country and what it has to offer in terms of visual creativity.

Are you planning to go to the Philippines? Check out my blog for travel guides of the popular and lesser known travel destinations in the Philippines. And don’t forget to share my creations if these have helped you in any way. I’d also love to hear any feedback from you.

Are you part of a tourism board, a hotel company, a brand or just someone interested in my work? Check out my Work with me page or send me an e-mail at martien@travelimagez.com.

I hope to connect with you. Have fun traveling!