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Hi, I’m Martien Janssen, a dutch nomad photographer & filmmaker (slow-)traveling around the globe creating travel photos and videos from the land and sky. Here at Travel Imagez I share my work and write travel & photography guides about the places I visit. Eye-candy and something to learn 🙂 Enjoy!

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Recent posts:

Palawan by Drone: Worlds’ most beautiful island from the sky (Philippines)

Flying over Palawan by drone.  Palawan by Drone is an aerial movie of one of earth's most beautiful islands. I spend a month here with my brand new, first ever, drone. Pretty rad to place to fly. I traveled from the very north of Palawan, Coron, to the very...

USA Roadtrip: driving from Grand Canyon to Rocky Mountains

First trip to the States. My good friend Stuart from Dallas (check out his photos), recently invited me over for a (bit of a crazy) roadtrip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and on to the Rocky Mountains. Kinda hard to say no to that, so off we went! In 9 days we...

USA Roadtrip: Photos by Stuart

Las Vegas to Rocky Mountains Recently my good buddy Stuart from Dallas invited me for a roadtrip from Las Vegas to the Rocky Mountains. It was a crazy plan, he admit, so I was like 'Hell Yeah'! We spend 10 days driving from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon (north rim)...

Myanmar Fire Balloon Festival – Worlds’ craziest, most dangerous firework event

Visiting worlds' maddest firework event It was during my first visit in Myanmar in 2012 that I heard of the Myanmar fire balloon festival. I had just missed it, but heard from a fellow traveler how spectacular and dangerous this event was. This year I was lucky enough...

Best place to stay in Koh Phangan – 8 Reasons to Love Mai Pan Rai

Mai Pan Rai Bungalows at Than Sadet beach Mai Pan Rai literally means “no worries” in Thai language, and quite aptly, Mai Pan Rai bungalows is the place to leave behind all negativities and just enjoy the moments being close to nature. It is safe to say that Mai Pan...

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A personal photo and video project about blending time and light, shot at one of worlds’ most incredible locations: Mt Bromo at Indonesia. Check it out at the portfolio!

Capturing the Perfect Storm at Dedon Island Resort

At Siargao I spent a few days shooting a timelapse movie at one of the most exclusive resorts in the country, Dedon Island. There were storms every night, but I kept on going, capturing something truly unique. Red more about it here.

Capturing a fire dancer on a deserted island with the Milky Way

One of my favorite travel experiences ever was in Siargao, where I could just call my boatguy to pick me up and drop me and my friends off at a deserted island for the night.

Here’s one of my favorite images I shot there. Check out the projects at my Photos sections.