Welcome to Travel Imagez

Welcome to Travel Imagez


Hi there, I am Martien. This is where I write about my backpacking and photography adventures. From travel guides and itineraries to inspirational articles and helpful tips

I help and inspire you to travel the world through engaging travel content, inspiring travel videos, stunning photography and so much more! Join me as I share the world through my eyes and experiences.

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MirrorScapes Project

MirrorScapes is my experimental timelapse project consisting of 4 manually made kaleidoscope-type videos of the sky; CloudScape, StarScape, StormScape and SkyScape. The project was ignited by the heavy song on ‘Lethal Shot’ by Generdyn. I just had to work with this...

Bali Timelapse Quadrilogy

My Bali Timelapse Quadrilogy is a set of 4 different timelapse videos, using different techniques of slicing (TimeSlice), blending (BlendScape) and mirroring (MirrorScape) my images. I just love how I can take the same photo realistic scene and capture a different...


Bali, the island of dreams, with its incredible culture, people, and landscape. Who wouldn’t want to spend a while visiting this gorgeous and fascinating tropical green island, right? I was so fortunate to be in Bali during the lockdown, of all places. It messed up my...

Bali – EYES OF THE GARUDA – drone

Eyes of the Garuda is the last video project I got to work on with my beloved Mavic Pro. A word of thanks to my drone. Thank you so much for all your amazing footage and the good times we had. You have been one of my best buddies during my travels throughout Southeast...

Bali – MONSOON – timelapse

The Bali monsoon season is known for wind, rather than crazy storms or much rain. During the Covid lockdown we had the wettest, longest monsoon season in many years, lasting for most of a year. Weeks would pass barely showing the sun. Tough times to shoot and many...



FREE Myanmar e-book

A book about one of my dearest travel locations. Having visited it 4x I have come to love this country much for its kind people. It was for them that I ended up spending 2 years working on my biggest project so far, 5 timelapse movies, a drone movie and a bunch of photo series.


Myanmar Free Ebook

FREE Indonesia e-book

I’ve visited Indonesia several times now and there’s still much I haven’t seen. But what I’ve seen is spectacular. This e-book is of my travels from Bali all the way to Flores and Maluku. Please note Mt Bromo has its own e-book.


FREE Mt Bromo e-book

-M Bromo had been my nr1 bucket list destination for years. I visited it twice, for 35 days in total. Which is pretty crazy actually. But for me it was the perfect location to work on several projects. My Mt Bromo e-book is largely about my projects and has helpful info if you’re planning to visit!


FREE Philippines e-book

My Philippines e-book is where my whole trip comes together in 1 document. Each location starts with an introduction and personal experience, has links to my blogposts and includes some of my favourite photos and videos.

Please check it out, it’s a pretty cool e-book that I spend quite some time on, giving it away for free!