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Hi, my name is Martien Janssen. I am a Dutch Travel Blogger, Photographer & Filmmaker on the ultimate never-ending photography trip around the world.  Travel Imagez is where I share my work and experiences. 

TRAVEL BETTER & CHEAPER with my travel guides & tips. Learn to take BETTER PHOTOS with my tips & tutorials.
Enjoy the planet through my eyes and by my hand as I create my PHOTOS, (AERIAL) VIDEOS & TIME LAPSES.

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Banda Islands of Indonesia: Travel Guide to the Remote Spice Islands

Everything you need to know about visiting the seriously-off-the-beaten-track Banda islands in Maluku. In the very south of Maluku lie the remote and hard-to-reach amazing spice islands: the Banda islands. In this country with more than 15.000 islands, this little...
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Kei Islands of Indonesia: Travel Guide to Off The Beaten Track Paradise

Everything you need to know about visiting the Kei islands in Maluku. Tucked away in the east of Maluku lie the pristine and authentic Kei islands. The beaches at Kei islands are known to have some of the whitest, softest sand in the world. The sand is soft as powder...
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TimeScapes: Capturing Time & Light to ‘Draw with Light’ in Photo & Video

Mt Bromo TimeScapes: The Birth of the TimeScapes Project For the kickoff of my ongoing TimeScapes project I went to one of the most incredible locations on earth, Mt Bromo volcano at Indonesia. During a full month I shot day and night to capture the footage for...
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Mt Bromo Time Lapse: Captivating Movie of Indonesia’s Majestic Volcano

Mt Bromo time lapse: Bromo like you have never seen before! Ever since I first saw a photo of Mt Bromo, years ago, it has been at the top of my bucket list. Finally the time had arrived to visit it during my Indonesia trip. And I didn’t just come to take a few photos....
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Mt Bromo, the Ultimate Travel Guide to Indonesia’s Most Popular Volcano

Everything you need to know about visiting Mt Bromo. In this country with most volcanos in the world, none is as popular and scenic as the stunning Mt Bromo. For good reason hundreds of visitors, mostly Indonesian, come here every day to witness the beauty of it. The...
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Mt Bromo Photography Guide to Indonesia’s Most Photogenic Volcano 

Mt Bromo Photography Guide from a maniac who spent a month shooting it! Learn the ins and outs of shooting at Mt Bromo to make the most of your photos at this stunning location. Having spend over a month here shooting almost every day, I have learned a lot about the...
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Visiting & Capturing A Captivating Balinese Legong Dance Performance

Balinese Legong dance, watching it and shooting it   The ancient traditional Balinese dances are truly captivating. The costumes, the intense and expressive style of dancing, the stories behind them, they are truly amazing. One should not leave Bali without at...
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Tips To SAVE MONEY While Traveling by 40+ Bloggers

Travelling On A budget – Tips By 40+ Travel Bloggers From Around The World Tips To SAVE MONEY While Traveling Who doesn't want to save money? Especially if you're a long term traveller, right?! So I'm sure you could to use some tips to save money 😉 Jovago reached out...
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The Perfect Storm: Lightning + Red Sprites + Milky Way

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgu-9aVT180 'The Perfect Storm', shot with 4 cameras at one of world’s most amazing resorts!   This ‘Perfect Storm’ time lapse is my favourite work of 14 months in the Philippines. Actually it’s my favourite one of all time. This...
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Batad Super Panorama: How I Created This 60 Shot Drone Panorama

How I created my drone super panorama of Batad Rice Terraces.   This Batad super panorama is my most favourite image so far. I'd like to share with you how I created this image from 60 photos. I hope this article will give you insight into the process and inspire...
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NEW: Travel Imagez’ TimeScapes Project!

A photo and video project about capturing time and light. Check it out!

Some of my favourite time lapse movies:

Some of my favourite drone videos:

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