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SHADOWLAND – Traveling through time at Bagan, Myanmar

Shadowland timelapse movie. Shadowland is the third movie of my Bagan timelapse pentalogy. This 8,5 minute long timelapse journey shows you Bagan during the different light of day. Starting at sunrise and ending at night, this movie takes you along my journey as I...

ROGUE STORM – Chasing rare lightning storms at Bagan, Myanmar

Rogue Storm timelapse movie. ROGUE STORM is the second movie of my Bagan timelapse pentalogy. The movie is built around a rare night with 3 lightning storms passing over Bagan. In this dry zone very little rain falls, even in monsoon season. The chance of capturing a...

FLYING OVER BAGAN – Stunning drone views of Bagan, Myanmar

Flying over Bagan drone movie. Flying over Bagan captures countless of the many temples of Bagan, Myanmar. Shot in both monsoon season and dry season over the course of 11 weeks during 3 visits in 20 months time. I was there mainly for my timelapse pentalogy and had...

DIMENSION REFLECTION – Melting your mind with Bagan, Myanmar

Dimension Reflection timelapse movie. Dimension Reflection is the fifth and final movie in my Bagan timelapse pentalogy. This movie explores the realms of reflections, using 2, 4, 8 and 16 reflections. To add to the surreal effect of it all I used my blending...

TIMEBLEND – Capturing the dimension of time at Bagan, Myanmar

TimeBlend timelapse movie. TimeBlend is the fourth movie of my Bagan timelapse pentalogy. It’s a ‘creative timelapse movie’ of Bagan using a blending technique to capture the element of time. By blending images from the timelapse sequence with each other, I aim to...



Coming August 15!

Rogue Storm

Capturing a lightning storm above the temples of Bagan is a mission impossible. In this dry zone in the desert of Myanmar, even during monsoon the rains can barely touch this region. Years pass without a single storm.

Imagine my luck when I was able to capture the lightning storms that passed over Bagan during my visit! 

Visit blogpost and find my Bagan photos here.

Flying over Bagan

Stunning drone views of the temples and the balloons at Bagan! 

Check out the blogpost and watch my drone photos here.


Drawing with light by blending time. Part of my TimeScapes project about capturing the dimension of time.

Read the TimeBlend blogpost here and check out my TimeScapes project here.


FREE Myanmar e-book

A book about one of my dearest travel locations. Having visited it 4x I have come to love this country much for its kind people. It was for them that I ended up spending 2 years working on my biggest project so far, 5 timelapse movies, a drone movie and a bunch of photo series.


Myanmar Free Ebook

FREE Indonesia e-book

I’ve visited Indonesia several times now and there’s still much I haven’t seen. But what I’ve seen is spectacular. This e-book is of my travels from Bali all the way to Flores and Maluku. Please note Mt Bromo has its own e-book.


FREE Mt Bromo e-book

-M Bromo had been my nr1 bucket list destination for years. I visited it twice, for 35 days in total. Which is pretty crazy actually. But for me it was the perfect location to work on several projects. My Mt Bromo e-book is largely about my projects and has helpful info if you’re planning to visit!


FREE Philippines e-book

My Philippines e-book is where my whole trip comes together in 1 document. Each location starts with an introduction and personal experience, has links to my blogposts and includes some of my favourite photos and videos.

Please check it out, it’s a pretty cool e-book that I spend quite some time on, giving it away for free!