My new flying camera.

Meet my new travel buddy Airwolfie aka Mavic! Ever since I started my trip last year I so badly wanted to have a drone for shooting my landscapes, but I simply couldn’t carry it. It would take a whole backpack and I was packed to the limit already. Then end of last year the foldable Mavic came out, roughly the size of 1,5 liter bottle, which fits in my small backpack, woohoow! After being on a waiting list for a while, I received it just in time for my return to the Philippines. I am so happy, because these first few months of trip I am visiting some of the worlds most amazing places: Palawan island, Banaue & Batad rice terraces and Mt Bromo in Indonesia. 

So far it’s absolutely amazing to have a ‘flying camera’, seeing the landscapes from the sky is unreal. It makes everything look even better. Sometimes I find myself at not-so-picture-perfect locations and aren’t interested in taking photos, but it’s great fun to fly my drone and shoot from the sky, making the location look much better. It takes a bit getting used to get good and smooth footage, but the drone flies real easily and quality is pretty good. Can’t compare the tiny camera to my huge DSLR ofcourse, but as long as you’re able to shoot at ISO100 with smooth movement it all looks pretty good.

Right now I am working on all footage of my Palawan trip and dude, it’s friggin awesome. So keep an eye out, because I will be posting some awesome footage of ‘Worlds most beautiful island’ Palawan. And over the next few months, a lot more incredible stuff is coming!

Regarding the name, many of you won’t know, but Airwolf used to be a popular series about a black helicopter, back when I was still a young kid. It played when the A-team and Night Rider were popular as well.


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El Nido (aerial) - at Nacpan beach

Port Barton - Philippines

Patawan island - Philippines

Coron (aerial)