About Travel Imagez

My name is Martien Janssen, born 1978 in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a designer and a photographer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Or at least I was. I quit my job, sold my worthwhile stuff and am now on my ultimate photography trip around the world. My goal is to visit all 7 continents and capture the beauty of the world in my camera; taking photos of breath-taking landscapes, the milky way, the lightnings, and all that captures the extravagance of nature. But living the dream of going on an an ultimate photography trip is not easy. I thought I’d have to win the lottery, but i didn’t. So, here I am trying to be as creative as possible to make it happen! I have skills in photography and design and nearly 20 years of experience in those fields. I live cheap, find ways to save money and use my skills to get free food, drinks and accommodation. It didn’t come easy, it took me years to realise that it was this that I really want to do. Then it was still a big leap to make the jump. Yes, risks, consequences, etc, you can think about all of that, but with any travel you do, there’s so much more to gain than to lose. I know one thing is for sure, if I will not grab this opportunity and follow this dream, I’ll be regretting it for the rest of my life. What will you regret NOT doing? Ask yourself that question if it helps you follow your dream. And while you are at it, I would like to take you with me in my trip around the world through my photographs.

About this website

Travel Imagez is, first and foremost, about my photography and sharing with you how I view the world and find the beauty that’s waiting to be found for all of us. I am currently embarking on the ultimate photography trip around the world – to travel all 7 continents and create art with my photography.

This website will show you the photos, videos, and time lapses of different places I have been to; sceneries, landscapes, milky ways and even lightning! I also venture in various photography projects. The images I took are also found in many photo sharing websites and are also for sale for anyone who loves world class, high quality photos. I am also delighted to say that a number of my time lapse videos has become viral in the internet and has been featured in many blogs and websites.

In time, you will also find in this website a number of tutorials on photography, the gears and the software I used in my creations; share to you the knowledge to inspire you to create cool stuff yourself. Still want to know more? Let me know and I’ll be happy to give you advice!

While traveling and planning, I find out heaps of info and tips which I will share in my travel blog section of this website. I will give you a background info about the location; tell you my personal experience and what things to look out for or need to know, rating the whole thing to give you an idea on how expensive it is, off the beaten track, etc. I only give honest reviews to help fellow travellers and dreamers.

I am positive of your support to Travel Imagez as I take you along in my journey. Follow and share this website and let us help inspire others to follow their dream.

To travel or not to travel

If you have any doubt on if you can or should travel, I will tell you now, once and for all, of course, you can and you should! 

Almost everyone wants to travel deep down. You might hide it, not think about it, be too scared or whatever. But you have to admit that there is nothing better than being on a holiday, exploring a new place, experiencing new cultures with all their good and bad, meeting new people, making new friends and partying at the most incredible locations.

Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, make you doubt that. It is so much easier and more fun than you think. I always say travel is the best thing in your life to spend your money on. The travel community is huge; there are so many people on the road, all kinds, who travel for weeks, some for years. Yes, you might run into trouble, horrible journeys, and bad experiences. But it’s all part of the adventure and in the end, those will be the stories you will be telling people about. You can and will overcome anything, it’s one of the greatest things you learn while traveling. You will feel happy, bored, satisfied, hung over, sick, getting better. You feel a lot of things, nothing is perfect or ideal. But if anything, you will feel more alive than ever before. Every day you have the choice of what to do. Freedom: it is priceless!

Feel a traveling urge? 

Stop wasting your money on ridiculous stuff as we’re all so used to in the ‘west’, working for stuff that we barely use or throw away anyway. Save your money and start planning, then book that flight! And, for real, let yourself be surprised! Explore, go on an adventure. Don’t waste too much time on the web trying to find out every possible thing there is because it ruins part of the fun! Plan and be prepared, but don’t over-plan! The best things happen when you least expect it, just go with it, be spontaneous and be flexible. Also, the best places are in between major destinations that will be a disappointment anyway, because photographers capture it in ways you will most likely not experience; at 5am when no one is around, returning day after day to find the right colorful sunrise and the best angle.